About Us

Au Natural Skinfood is totally sustainable skincare for a fearlessly healthy face. With a skincare range based on the science of nature, we’ve poured a whole lot of goodness and love into each and every product.

Au Natural Skinfood has been featured in numerous publications and blogs including Forbes, Vulkan and more. You can check these out on our Press Page

Our Mission

Au Natural Skinfood is on a mission to help you feel confident in the skin you’re in, using high-quality, natural ingredients, while simultaneously leaving our planet better than when we found it.

Amazing Manuka Honey. At Au Natural Skinfood, we use nature’s superfood, Manuka honey, as a hero ingredient in our formulations. Manuka honey is antibacterial and clinically proven to heal the skin. Working as a humectant, Manuka honey draws vital moisture into the skin, hydrating, rejuvenating and restoring it’s natural glow.

The Beauty of Less. We use ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients that feed the skin without depleting our planet’s precious resources. We are proud to source almost all of our ingredients from New Zealand, where our strong UV rays have been known to produce higher levels of antioxidants in plants and fruits.

Leave It Better. We’re not just passionate about your skin – we’re also fearlessly committed to the environment. Our mantra is ‘reduce, reuse, refill’, and our eco-friendly skincare products come in bio-based recyclable eco-refills and reusable containers.


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