Biome-positive skincare.

Bacteria for beauty.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Not all germs are bad. In fact, the good bacteria on your skin is critical to achieving healthy, strong skin. Many skincare ranges use synthetic fillers that completely strip your skin of bacteria, the problem being that they strip the good bacteria along with the bad. This leads to weakened skin that is more susceptible to environmental damage.

This delicate bacteria ecosystem is called your skin’s ‘microbiome.’ Just like your gut microbiome, your skin microbiome needs ‘good’ bacteria. So how do you cleanse your skin of the bad bacteria, while preserving and feeding the good? Introducing: Au Natural Skinfood’s Biome-positive skincare.

So what does Biome-positive mean?

Biome-positive skincare balances your skin’s microbiome. It keeps the bad bacteria in check, while feeding and protecting the good bacteria. How is this achieved? Our products are infused with anti-bacterial, potent ingredients from the New Zealand Manuka bush including our core ingredients Active 16+ Manuka Honey and/or Manuka oil. We also use a variety of prebiotics to maintain a healthy gut and therefore, healthy a micro-biome. Manuka contains prebiotics which encourage the growth of good bacteria on our skin, while its anti-bacterial properties help to manage the bad bacteria.

Why is a healthy microbiome important?

When your skin’s microbiome is strong and healthy, it forms a barrier between your skin and the outside world. Think about it like this: you’ve just woken up and gone about your usual morning skin routine. Your cleanser makes your skin feel squeaky clean afterwards, so that means its working, right? Wrong! Or, not working in the right way.

Your too-clean skin has now been stripped of its natural barrier, so when you go about your day, the weakened skin is more susceptible to damage from sunlight or the UV glow from your computer screen. When you look after your skin microbiome, it acts as a natural barrier to fight all sorts of environmental damage.

Our Biome-positive favorites:

Maybe she's born with it...

… or maybe it’s the 168 chemicals she’s putting on her face daily. That’s right, a 2015 study found that the average woman puts 168 chemicals on her face everyday. Yikes! These types of skincare may make a superficial difference, but that’s all it is – superficial. Your skin won’t be any better off in the long term. You might have even noticed before that you’ve tried skincare you initially love, but then seems to be less and less effective over time. This is because the  ‘instant-fix’ chemicals have started taking a toll, and your skin is now actually being damaged.

But don't take our word for it.

Why not try it for yourself? Our Discovery Kit allows you to try our Biome-positive skincare without the risk. The Discovery Kit contains our four essential products in mini-sizes, which will last you about 14 days depending on how much you like to use. The four essentials are-

AM Day Serum

PM Night Cream

Remove Gentle Cleanser

Prepare Brightening Lotion/Toner

Together these four products make up a complete daily skincare routine, that you can do in under 5 minutes.

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