A World First: Compostable skincare refills from Au Natural Skinfood

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  • A World First: Compostable skincare refills from Au Natural Skinfood

Au takes a bold step to reduce single-use plastic pollution by creating plant based eco-friendly refills for our skincare range while working on the world’s first compostable skincare refill sachet.


The brand currently provides their subscription-based skincare range in reusable aluminium containers that can be refilled through plant-based eco-refills made from annually renewable sources and fully recyclable. The current plant-based eco refill is carbon negative, this means it takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than it actually uses to produce.


The Au Natural team are working with a European company on a 100% compostable refill that is safe to use with wet goods such as skincare products. “The issue we face is that wet goods break down the compostable materials that are currently available on the market, which makes them impossible to use with our skincare products” says Tony Ahern, CEO and Founder of Au Natural Skinfood. “We are thrilled to work on a ground-breaking solution, and although we are not there yet, we are determined to make even the smallest component of our brand 100% eco-friendly.”


The brand’s refilling system saves on average 1,400 plastic containers per person, which is an enormous help towards the solution of the plastic pollution problem the planet is facing. Au Natural also ships their orders in compostable courier bags, reusable or recyclable cardboard courier boxes, and uses a reusable cotton carry-bag instead of plastic packaging fillers, which make the brand an end-to-end eco-friendly skincare service.


Au Natural Skinfood’s move comes in response to the increasing concern regarding world plastic pollution, and to the limited involvement of the beauty industry in the matter. Research shows that the average person purchases roughly 2,500 bottles of skincare products throughout his/her life without including makeup.


Au Natural Skinfood – Healthy Skin For Life!

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