Boost Your Water with Collagen

Let’s talk about collagen. It’s pretty amazing stuff. In fact, collagen is the superglue that holds our bodies together. It keeps our bones and joints healthy, builds muscle mass, and gives our skin that firm, youthful appearance. Boost your water by adding collagen powder – your hair, skin and nails will love you for it!

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Unfortunately, our bodies naturally produce less collagen as we age. That’s why our skin loses elasticity, we begin to hollow around the eyes, and we develop fine lines and wrinkles.  

 Boost Your Water!

Thankfully, combating your body’s natural loss of collagen is as simple as mixing a collagen supplement into your water, coffee or smoothie every day. It’s simple to boost your water with collagen, and will improve not only the health of your skin, but your entire body.  


At Au Natural Skinfood, we always strive to make our products the best they can be, with the very best ingredients, which is why we spent two years developing our Marine Collagen Powder with the help of a consulting physician. 


It contains 4,250 mg of type 1 marine collagen per serving which is easily absorbed in your body, so you need a lot less of it. Our formula has the perfect amount of vitamin C to help with absorption, Manuka honey to improve your gut microbiome, and grapeseed extract to maximize your skin’s health.  


Boost your water by adding our collagen powder. Since it is flavourless, you can mix it into anything you want, including water, which is great if you’re counting calories. Of course, collagen water doesn’t have to be boring! Add cucumber, berries, or a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink. 


Our collagen powder is harvested using sustainable aquaculture techniques, is packaged in a compostable pouch, and is Halal certified. And since it has been designed to support our other Au Natural Skinfood products, it’s the perfect choice to add to your daily skin care routine. 

 It’s Scientifically Tested!

Supplementing your body’s collagen production is important as we grow older. A clinical study found that taking oral collagen supplements significantly increased skin hydration after 8 weeks. Another key finding from this study was that skin structure and health from within can be improved after taking collagen supplements.  Most people will notice improvement within 30 to 60 days, and you’ll definitely notice a difference if you stop taking it.  


Pro-tip Recipe: Grape-ful Smoothie 

For an extra boost of goodness, try our “Grape-ful Smoothie” 

  • 1 x Heaped cup of seedless grapes 
  • 1 x Orange (peeled and obvious pips removed) 
  • 1 x Fresh pear 
  • 1 x Banana 
  • 1 x Cup chopped kale 
  • 1 x Tablespoon of Hair.Skin.Nails Marine Collagen Powder 

Add ice and cool water to your liking. Blend well, until smooth. Then add all other ingredients and blend until smooth and enjoy! 


What are you waiting for? Start boosting your water with collagen powder now.

Have questions about why we use marine collagen instead of bovine? Learn more here.  


We are here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin. Questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected] – we would love to hear your experience and answer any questions you might have. 

Au Natural Skinfood  

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