Eco-refills: The sustainable future for skincare

  • Eco-Refills
  • Eco-refills: The sustainable future for skincare

Au Natural Skinfood wants our subscribers to have great skin by using our premium ingredients like Active 16+ Manuka Honey while being certain you are contributing to a sustainable environment by eliminating single use plastic bottles.


Wondering how this is possible?

The secret is in our refills. Au Natural is based on a subscription system that delivers plant-based eco refills every eight weeks. This allows you to refill your skincare containers once you run out of product instead of buying new ones.


The eco-refills are made from annually renewable sources (corn starch and/or sugarcane) and are fully recyclable. They are also carbon negative, which means that production of the refills takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than the amount it emits.


Our innovative in-house team are constantly working on improved packaging solutions for our subscribers. We are working hand in hand with a progressive European company on a 100% compostable refill that is safe to use with wet goods such as skincare products. Once that’s ready, you will be the first one to know! More good news are on the way – early in 2019 we will also be able to provide eco-refills for our best sellers On The Go Mineral Powder Foundation Brush On with Sunscreen and Balance Rotorua White Mud Masque. Their containers are already designed to allow easy refill.


Refillable skincare containers are not the only way Au Natural eliminates plastic – we deliver our goods in a carton courier box and a home compostable courier bag, and we use reusable cotton carry-bags and corrugated carton to protect the products on their journey to you. You won’t receive polluting bubble wrap or plastic packaging fillers in our deliveries! Find out more about our promise to the planet.

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