NEW Product Alert – Shampoo Bars!

Following on from our great success of our NO Soap, Manuka Hand and Body Bar last year, and after 18 months of hard work from our whole to team, we’re so excited to be bringing to our Au Natural Skinfood whanau (family), our NEW shampoo bars!

At Au Natural Skinfood we place sustainability and environmental awareness at the forefront of everything that we do. Eco anxiety keeps me awake at night! I am honestly so driven to make the world a better place for you and me. We all want to look good and have that wee slice of luxury, but that pleasure doesn’t have to come at the cost of our planet.

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We are so proud to be a part of the plastics to landfill solution. Here at Au Natural Skinfood, we understand that there is a less damaging way to produce and package haircare products, and we are committed to saving plastic from going to landfill.

Our 100% natural shampoo bars are made right here in New Zealand and the entire range is safe for the whole family to use. The shampoo bars work just as effectively as salon-purchased products, even in coloured hair.

Unlike many other brands, Au Natural’s shampoo bars are:

  • sulphate/soap free.
  • mild/not irritating.
  • will not strip hair colour.
  • paraben free.
  • child and baby friendly

Having tried and used so many shampoo bars myself, I know what works, and what doesn’t. I designed our shampoo bars to be long lasting and to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, almost “drop” free.

With no single-use plastic and ensuring that we are keeping toxic chemicals out of our oceans by choosing what we wash down the drain, each time you use your shampoo bar, your conscience will be as clean as your hair.

I am pleased to introduce to you our three shampoo bars:

ALL-IN-ONE – Shampoo, Conditioner, Face, Body & Shave Bar

We’ve combined all your must-have products into one! This nourishing bar is enriched with shea butter and you can use it on your face, body, hair and even for shaving! If you have a number of separate products, now’s the time to ditch them! This wee gem does it all.

2-IN-1 Shampoo Conditioner Bar – Normal to Dry

With nourishing extra-virgin olive oil and New Zealand Manuka honey, this 2-IN-1 bar is soap-free and ultra-mild on the hair. Its hydrating ingredients are perfect for dry hair.

2-IN-1 Shampoo Conditioner Bar – Normal to Oily

Infused with Harakeke extract and Manuka oil, this 2-IN-1 bar actively manages oil production. Your hair will be looking like you’ve just walked out of a salon!

We know you’re going to love these new products. We’ve worked so hard to get the formulations just right, and they smell divine. These bars are great for the planet, fantastic for your hair and amazing for you!

I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin. Please contact me directly through [email protected]. I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.

Tracy – Founder

Au Natural Skinfood

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