The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, show mom how much you really care. Skip the tried and true packet of chocolates and give her something she will really love!

Being a mother is a full-time job. Having four children myself, some days I may have preferred being in the office instead of picking up toys, cooking, and constantly being asked “are we there yet?” – but don’t tell my kids that! Looking back at it now, I have no regrets. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your own children grow up to be established young adults who are ready to take on the world. Even if they do give you a few less hugs than they did as children.

What Mother’s Day Means to Me

Mother’s Day for me is a time of remembrance, a time to reflect how much hard work and love is shared by a family in raising a child. I’ve received many Mother’s Day gifts over the years, some more memorable than others, but all were given with love – which is what I admire the most.

This year, I’ve taken the time to reflect and have created the Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Let’s dive into the top 3 gifts that mom will really enjoy and love you for (we’ll prove to her why you’re her favorite).


  1. The Gift of Relaxation

There is nothing more enjoyable than a day full of pampering and TLC. As you’ve probably heard from your mom over the years, all she really wants is some peace and quiet, and to an extent that’s very true.

Our Discovery Kit is the prefect pamper kit for your mom. Our products are enriched with Manuka honey to really feed your mom’s skin all the goodness it deserves. It’s anti-aging properties help to fight environmental damage and encourage cell renewal for younger, healthier skin.

Learn more about our  Discovery Kit here.


  1. The Gift of Time

 They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this is exactly what happens when you’re raising children! Don’t forget to slow down and really live in the moment. As you grow older, you will realize just how much time speeds up. I know I sure have, and sometimes all I really care about is sharing special times with those I love.


This Mother’s Day, give your time and organize a catch up with mom. If you’re far apart, why not arrange a coffee over zoom? Or, if you can, why not have a lunch out with mom? Treat her to her favorite café or restaurant and spoil her like she deserves.

I know for a fact that she’ll appreciate you taking the time out of your day.


  1. The Gift of Handmade Love


Yes, I know what you’re thinking: handmade gifts can be cliché, but not when they are done with love. This Mother’s Day, why not give her a handmade card and express how much you appreciate her?! Or even better, bake her some cupcakes – you can even add in some of our Hair.Skin.Nails Collagen Powder, for an extra boost! It’s a win-win – you get delicious baking, and mom is happy.

My daughter Makaela is an amazing chef so she always treats me to delish baking all year round.
I truly was a proud mum when she made a cake for a good friend of mine, who was leaving work for her maternity leave – everyone loved it!

Overall, what my Mother’s Day Gift Guide is really saying is that you don’t need to spend all your money to show that you care. It’s the little things in life that matter, and a small gesture of kindness really does go a long way.

Take it from me, Mother’s Day is your chance to really give back to mom and spend quality time appreciating your relationship.

I would love to see what great gifts you give mom this Mother’s Day! Whether it’s a handmade card, a chocolate cake or even a picture of you both smiling via zoom. Share the love this Mother’s Day and tag us @aunaturalskinfood!

Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful heartfelt creations!


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Tracy – Founder, Au Natural Skinfood.

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