The Science behind our Skincare

Our products improve your skin’s health – our science proves it!

Healthy skin is a journey, not an instant fix. Au Natural Skinfood products used routinely over time will improve your skin’s health and restore a natural glow. We use only the finest, natural ingredients, such as Active 16+ Manuka honey, in our range. 

We’ve conducted independent research into our ingredients, which proves the many beneficial properties for skin.

Magnificent Manuka Honey

New Zealand Manuka honey has been the focus of extensive worldwide scientific research with clear evidence now validating its unique healing properties, setting it apart from all other honeys. This is a secret the Māori people of New Zealand have known for generations, using the entire Manuka bush for weapons, food, oral care, medicine, and wound healing.

Antibacterial: Methylglyoxal is the active ingredient in Manuka honey and is responsible for the anti-bacterial effect.

Anti-microbial: Studies show broad spectrum antimicrobial effects due to the low pH of Manuka honey.

Anti-viral: Manuka honey houses compounds and enzymes that have been clinically proven to improve our immune system and protect from viruses.

Anti-inflammatory: Manuka honey & Manuka oil (from the leaves), at the right concentration, can reduce redness and block substances in the body that cause inflammation. Manuka oil can also reduce inflammation and aid in repair of fungal complaints.

Antioxidant: Our bodies need to maintain a balance between free radicals and antioxidants. When not balanced, it leads to oxidative stress. Manuka honey is a powerful antioxidant both orally and topically naturally balancing our bodies.

What makes Manuka honey so special?

Our independent scientific research

Conducted by Trinity Laboratories in New Zealand 2013

Au Natural Skinfood’s independent skin cell research, conducted with the assistance of a New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation grant, has scientifically proven 80% skin cell regeneration using our products that have properties found only in New Zealand medical grade Manuka honey, our exclusive superfruit extracts and pure New Zealand Bee Venom.

Grapes, kiwi-fruit & berries

New Zealand grown kiwifruit and grapes are known to contain twice the level of antioxidants compared to those grown elsewhere in the world due to our high levels of UV exposure. Our research has also proved the following benefits:

Antioxidant: 6 times the anti-oxidant level of Vitamin C – effective in reducing free radicals.

Skin Structure: These ingredients contribute to improving skin elasticity and increase moisture.

Kiwifruit extract:  Stimulates skin cells by 54%, reduces melanin and brightens skin.

New Zealand bee venom

Your skin reacts to bee venom as an irritant as though lightly stung with Melittin – the active compound in bee venom. This provides the following benefits for your skin:

Collagen Stimulation:  Increase blood circulation stimulating cell regeneration and the production of collagen.

Exfoliation: With a micro-damage/micro-repair philosophy, bee venom gently encourages skin cell renewal effective for skin repair and rejuvenation.

Beetox:  Considered a natural alternative to botox, the venom stimulates facial muscles for a natural anti-aging effect by smoothing and firming out fine lines.

Anti-inflammatory: Studies conducted on Melittin, the active compound in bee venom, have shown a reduction in inflammation of acne-causing bacteria.

Research Reading:

Study: Manuka Honey Kills More Bacteria than all Available Antibiotics

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The role of honey in the management of wounds

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