Dr Au Concentrates – Anti-Aging Face Oil Level 2

20ml/0.6 Oz.

‘Next-level’ Vitamin A booster with plant-based retinol (No Brainer).

  • Our Level 2 Face Oil contains higher levels of retinol than our Level 1 Face Oil.
  • Rich in nourishing avocado oil, vegetable derived retinol and vanilla.
  • Dry oil that deliciously sinks into your skin, leaving it skin soft and comfortable.
  • Stimulates and regenerates skin cells.
  • Focuses and is kind on dry, dehydrated, sensitive and fragile skin.
  • Environmentally kind packaging – no single use plastic

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Dr Au Concentrates – Anti-Aging Face Oil Level 2 (Level 2 because there’s more retinol than in our Level 1 Face Oil is naturally rich in avocado oil which has every nutrient your skin needs to give it a more youthful appearance. When combined with Moringa seed oil (both rich in Omega 3& 6) and retinol, you have ingredients that play an important role in the regeneration and health of our cells.

These bio-compatible nutrients restore balance, reduce redness and the appearance of fine lines. This is a dry oil with a hint of vanilla that absorbs perfectly to leave the skin soft with no oil residue. It is great for all skin types, including oily and problem skin, as it hydrates and repairs the skin whilst neutralizing and slowing down the production of sebum.


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Natural  ●  Organic ingredients  ●  Chemical-free  ●  Cruelty-free  ●  NO parabens  ●  NO preservatives  ●  NO nano-particles  ●  NO toxic fillers  ●  Recyclable container  ● Recyclable shipping packaging


Hero ingredients: Avocado oil, moringa oil, retinol & vanilla

For a full INCI Ingredients list, click  here Au Natural Skinfood Ingredient Dictionary

How to use

Dr Au Concentrates Anti-Aging Face Level 2 will help normalize the appearance of the skin, promote regeneration and work towards, healthy skin for a lifetime!

  • Use daily.
  • Apply a few drops of the face oil onto moist skin after cleansing and toning.
  • Spread lightly over entire face, neck and decolletage for instant hydration and environmental protection.


  • Use Dr Au Concentrates Anti-Aging Face Oil – Level 2 on its own as a moisturizer or add a few drops to your AM Serum or PM Night Cream for extra hydration and repair.
  • Avoid storing Dr Au Concentrates Anti-Aging Face Oil – Level 2 in direct sunlight or hot temperatures.

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