Early Bird Morning Skincare Kit (Save $18) - Limited Edition

Start your day right with Au Natural Skinfood! These three products, enriched with Manuka honey, work wonderfully together in a morning routine which will set you up for glowing, radiant skin, all day long.

  • AM Day Serum doubles as a primer for makeup while being light and moisturising.
  • Marine Collagen Powder powerfully replenishes and strengthens hair, skin and nails from the inside out.
  • Prepare Toner restores and hydrates while brightening and softening the skin.

USD 89.95

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Show-stopping skin doesn’t have to cost the earth. When you purchase an Early Bird Morning Skincare Kit from Au Natural Skinfood you’ll spend less, receive more and do more! 

Did you know that skipping your morning skincare routine can cause clogged pores & acne? Over time, this can lead to premature aging and a dull complexion. Our Early Bird Morning Skincare Kit is the answer to maintaining your freshest face all day.

These products will leave your skin glowing and hydrated all day long, while providing protection against harsh environmental factors.

Our Early Bird Morning Skincare Kit includes:

Luxurious AM Day Serum (in either a eco-refill pouch or tin, depending on stock availability)
Revitalizing Hair. Skin. Nails Type 1 Marine Collagen Powder
Hydrating Prepare Toner

All of this comes in a reusable aluminium tin, making this kit a great gift (for a loved one, or for yourself!)

Natural    ●  Chemical-free   ●  NO parabens  ●  NO preservatives  ● Sustainably Sourced Ingredients  ●  NO nano-particles  ●  NO toxic fillers  ●  Recyclable container  ●  Recyclable shipping packaging


Hero Ingredients:

AM Day Serum
Grape Seed Extract, NZ Ponga Seed Fern Oil, Majestem – Plant cells, active for tightening & lifting, Manuka honey.

Prepare Toner
Kiwi Fruit – High in Vitamin C, Sunflower Seed Oil, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil.

Hair.Skin.Nails Type 1 Marine Collagen Powder

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 4250mg, Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) extract 150g, Manuka Honey 297.5mg, Calcium ascorbate, Gamm cyclodextrin, Maltodextrin.


For a full list of product ingredients, head to our ingredients dictionary, by clicking here.

How to use

Start your morning skincare routine the right way for refreshed, radiant skin with three simple products!

Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion (Toner):

  • This can be used morning and night as part of your daily skincare routine.
  • Either spray directly onto your face or spray a little into clean hands.
  • Gently pat into your face, neck, décolletage, avoiding the eye area.
  • Leave the skin to dry and then apply AM Day Serum.


AM Day Serum:

Apply after toning. You only need a small amount as it will spread easily and will deliciously soak into your skin. Use in the morning as part of your daily routine.

  • Dot the moisturizer over the area to be treated.
  • As it warms to your skin, gently rub in.

AM Day Serum will warm and spread easily when it combines with your own body temperature.


Hair. Skin. Nails Marine Collagen Powder:
Mix one level teaspoon into any food or beverage. We suggest tea, coffee, smoothies, juice, soup, or salad dressing, but you can even add our collagen powder to baking, such as truffles, bliss balls and muesli bars!  

Take daily for best results. Depending on several factors (such as lifestyle, genetics, and diet), you’ll notice thicker hair, stronger nails, and plumper skin within weeks. 



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