Marine Collagen Powder – Hair.Skin.Nails.

Healthy skin from the inside out. “Hands down the best collagen supplement I have tried. And I have tried a lot of them!”
  • Our concentrated, high-dosage Type 1 Marine Collagen Powder actively supports hair growth, stronger skin, and nourished nails. A true game changer.
  • 4,250 mg of collagen per daily serve. One month’s supply / 32 serves per pack.
  • Biome-positive, Active 16+ Manuka honey encourages a healthy gut which reflects in your skin.
  • Environmentally packaged in a compostable pouch. No single-use plastic.
  • Halal certified – the first in New Zealand!

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Take Your Skincare to the Next Level with our Marine Collagen Powder 


Our bodies naturally produce collagen, but the older we get, the less collagen we produce, explaining the appearance of wrinkles, dry skin, weakened nails and thinning hair. 

Au Natural Skinfood’s Hair.Skin.Nails Marine Collagen Powder with Active 16+ Manuka honey is a powerful, scientifically proven superfood focused on replenishing and strengthening hair, skin, and nails. 

Developed over 2 years jointly with a consulting physician, our collagen powder is a nutricosmetic – beauty that starts beneath the surface.  


Just one teaspoon a day will noticeably increase skin elasticity and hydration levels, preventing fine lines and wrinkles (unlike most other Collagen brands, our Type 1 Hydrolysed Collagen can help achieve results in fewer serving quantities). 


“I have tried an endless number of collagen powders, and this is the one” – Julia Kelly Hoey 

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Packaging info: 

This pouch is 100% compostable – even the resealable zipper! Just pop it in your worm farm or home compost bin, and you’re set. We recommend disposing of your pouches in an environment containing heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms.  

Important: Non-compostable labels need to be peeled off before composting the bag. 

All our shipping packaging is also fully recyclable. 


Our independently validated formula is 100% natural and includes ingredients like: 

  • Vitamin C to help with absorption 
  • Active 16+ Manuka honey, a prebiotic to improve your gut microbiome 
  • Grape seed extract to maximize your skin’s health by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in your body. 

Full Ingredients List: Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 4250mg, Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) extract 150g, Manuka Honey 297.5mg, Calcium ascorbate, Gamm cyclodextrin, Maltodextrin.

Our Collagen Powder is: 

  • Gluten Free 
  • Dairy Free 
  • Organic 
  • No GMO 
  • Sustainably sourced & traceable 
  • Harmful Chemical Free – no parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles or toxic fillers  
  • Halal Certified 
  • FDA + GMP Approved 


Caution: People with known allergies to protein and/or seafood should seek medical advice before taking this product. Always read the label and use as directed. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, please check with your health care professional prior to taking this product. 


How to use

Mix one level teaspoon into any food or beverage. We suggest tea, coffee, smoothies, juice, soup, or salad dressing, but you can even add our collagen powder to baking, such as truffles, bliss balls and muesli bars!  

Take daily for best results. Depending on several factors (such as lifestyle, genetics, and diet), you’ll notice thicker hair, stronger nails, and plumper skin within weeks. 

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