Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser

Active 16+ Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser (High Achiever).
  • Biome-positive Active16+ Manuka honey, keeps your skin’s bacteria in balance.
  • Strengthens your skin’s bacteria to fight environmental damage.
  • Deeply hydrates using enriched avocado oil.
  • Gently and effectively cleanses and is safe around the eye area.
  • Environmentally kind packaging – endlessly refillable – no single-use plastic.

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Our natural Remove Manuka Honey Gentle Cleanser uses Active 16+ Manuka honey and concentrated plant extracts to cleanse the skin, removing bacteria and environmental toxins, morning and night. Your skin is purified and hydrated through the nurturing properties of this light, creamy and restorative cleanser.

Remove Manuka Honey Gentle Cleanser is completely free of harsh synthetic cleansing agents, is cruelty-free, and contains no parabens or toxic fillers. Remove is suitable for all skin types, including acne prone and sensitive skins, and focuses on strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function so that it can fight environmental damage on its own. Healthy skin for life!

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Natural  ●  Organic ingredients  ●  Chemical-free  ●  NO parabens  ●  NO preservatives  ●  NO nano-particles  ●  NO toxic fillers  ●  Recyclable container  ●  Recyclable shipping packaging


Hero ingredients: Avocado Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil

For a full INCI Ingredients list, click  here Au Natural Skinfood Ingredient Dictionary

How to use

Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser Rich in Manuka honey & avocado oil

Use morning as night as part of your daily routine.

  • Simply squeeze out a bit the size of an almond, add a drop or two of warm water.
  • Warm by rubbing the cleanser in your hands.
  • Apply cleanser to the face neck and décolletage (safe to use around the eye & lip area).
  • Gently massage the cleanser around the area being cleansed.
  • Use a clean warm flannel to compress the skin and then remove the cleanser.
  • We recommend repeating the above step if you’ve been wearing make-up.


  • Use this cleanser as an alternative to soap for hands that are sore, have eczema or are compromised.
  • Remove is a great introduction skincare product for teenagers, as it will effectively remove sweat, dirt and make-up without stripping the skin.
  • This gentle cleanser is pH neutral and can be used with other skincare products. It is a perfect rebalancer and is enhanced when used together with Au’s Prepare Brightening Lotion.

Mindful removal

Add a little lemon juice or lemon oil to your warm water. Sometimes a small act of mindfulness practicing ‘slow beauty’ really makes a difference to your frame of mind!

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