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How to naturally exfoliate your skin

Avoid harsh gritty scrubs, chemical peels and swap for a clean muslin wash cloth or sponge following the approach of a little – often! Gently sloth away and unglue dead skin cells allowing your new skin to shine through.

If you ‘overdo’ exfoliation you will strip your skins biome and it will be unhappy. Using a mud mask once a week on areas of your skin that need it, will improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

How to naturally hydrate your skin

Oily skin is no better than dry skin when we talk about hydration. Oily skin needs good hydration to prevent an over production of sebum.  Water plays an important role in keeping your skin hydrated, drinking 8 glasses of water with daily fruit and veggies will help to regulate daily skin hydration.

By introducing a warm compress towel into your skincare routine, your skin will be more porous and maximize the absorption of your moisturizer.

How to naturally feed your skin

If it’s good enough to eat, then why not put it onto your skin? 
We like to encourage your skin’s microbiome on your face to be the same as the untouched skin on your inner arm.

By using natural pre-biotics and pro-biotics found in Manuka & Kanuka honey combined with powerful antioxidants instead of harsh surfactants, we stimulate natural repair, reduce trans-dermal water loss and your skin starts to function as nature intended.

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